Friday, December 11, 2015

Research Blog Post 10

Get Down, Hook-Up: The Death of Monogamous Relationships
Amongst University Students


            This analytical research essay addresses the concerns formed by the ever-present pseudo relationships that now dominate college communities by outlining the causes, quantifying the pros and cons, and suggesting what aided its emergence. Over the course of the past five years college students have been leaving the titles of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” behind and leaning more towards having a casual “hook-up” whom he/she can call for late night sexual fulfillment. Put simply, the advantages to a relationship of this nature are low investment/high reward. In a university setting, many students do not have time for a committed relationship but still seek the sexual fulfillment that is yielded by such a relationship and therefore head towards the enticing alternative of a hook up buddy. This paper looks to quantify hook up culture by first addressing the causes then drawing conclusions about the outcomes caused by such a way of life with regard to each gender specifically and defining whether hook up culture is something society should be concerned with or embrace.

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